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Deck Building 101: Deck Composition Part 1

03 Jun 2017 06:16 #1 by FI-AnthonyS
FI-AnthonyS ► Deck Building 101: Deck Composition Part 1
Greetings folks, tonight we're gonna talk about deck building. Not too deep, but enough to get you started on the right path. To get us started we'll be talking about standard deck sizes and general ratios of cards that you include in them.

I'll say upfront that there is no deck size limit. That's right. As long as you have at least 30 cards your deck is usable. Now usable doesn't exactly mean balanced, but you can play a deck with only that many cards. You do end up with a few strong cards, but tend to lack the support needed to make it stand out. I tend to build decks that rest around 35-40 cards. Take these as you will knowing that they are designed with a PvP focus on a tighter board.

My breakdown for a 3 Pool deck looks something like this:
Minions (12): 3-4 different Minions, two or three each.
Spells/Enchants (10): The number of different cards from this group varies, but that's mainly due to the fact that it is highly dependent on the type of deck that I'm making. If my goal is to buff two of my main Minions to create a kill force I'll focus on a pair of enchantments with 1 or 2 supporting spells.
Ambushes/Glyphs (8): 1 good Glyph tends to be all that I want in my decks. Getting two or three copies in allows for ease placement assuming that you can gain positioning advantage. 2 or 3 Ambushes at varying counts tend to be enough for me as well.
Terrain (6): With board control being as important as it is two copies of the Chaining Terrain are fantastic. The other Terrain tends to be something that either I tend to always use, such as Eden or Portal to Hell, or a general defense boost. Eden Is far too useful for me to Scrap, though, which makes getting Elemental shards rather difficult. With that in mind I try not to rely on shards at all.

The totals from the above breakdown set you with a 36 card deck. This tends to be where I start when testing a deck out. We'll go over some more basics next time.

Anthony S.

Lead Designer

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