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Revamping the Void

24 May 2017 18:31 #1 by FI-AnthonyS
FI-AnthonyS ► Revamping the Void
It’s been two years since we last talked about the Void and I am letting you know we are taking a look back at what we had and what we can do to improve them as a viable force against the Dark Fire and Light Earth Realms. We are also making sure that they will be able to go toe to toe with Fulcrum cards (which have also been designed to a certain extent.)

The Void is a destructive force and their goal is to take over and bring everything back to nothingness. The Void also brings madness and chaos into the Afterlife. Our original Void Set had great synergy and could certainly be destructive. It also worked well in the sense that it was easy to understand for new players and the cards worked well early game but failed near the end game. It never got tested completely but the initial conclusions were that it was a fun set of cards. However, the Void, visually looked the part but mechanically it did not and that didn’t sit well with us.

Chaos and Madness is a tough thing to implement in a card game. Card games, by their nature, have an internal game of chance so every card you draw needs to be predictable. If you have a card that is so random that you don’t know if it will be useful or not, it is probably not useful. Each card has a cost of play, and if that card may or may not perform the function you need that card becomes useless.

Chaos: Upon Upkeep, your Attack Pool and Defense Pool values will switch. So at one turn your unit may be very offensive while the next, it will be defensive. The card's value is dependent on the situations the player puts it in. However, the enemy could ruin your plans and the card’s value could become less than optimal.

Madness: When dealing 2 or more damage to a single unit, that unit is destroyed. This ability is great at destroying stronger minions that may otherwise seem unbeatable. It is difficult to activate, but when you do it feels great.

We have also changed Consume and Decay. These abilities once affected dice values by adding or subtracting them. We decided to take a different approach that is more straightforward and affects Life Points.

Consume X: Upon successful Attack, the unit will gain back X life points up to their maximum life points. The idea is to make sure the opponent is weak enough to regain strength. It can be a very powerful move and can sustain your minions with weak defense.

Life Loss: Upon Upkeep, the minion will lose one health. This new version of Decay can wipe out enemy minions with ease and prevents any useless 0 Attack/0 Defense creatures from running around making a fool of themselves.

There are still more surprises that the Void will have but I hope this post gave you a better understanding and made you excited for what the Void will be.

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