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April 4, 2017 Patch Notes

08 Apr 2017 18:56 #1 by FI_NightHour
Gameplay Changes
All players now perform their mulligans together at the start of a game, before the first turn begins.

Sound effects added to turn change announcements as well as phase changes.

Card Tweaks

Card Cost Adjustments

Dark Fire
Born In Battle 7 ->8
Scorched Earth 4->6
Sparks of Wildfire 5 ->6
Walking on Coals 5->6
Berserker 2 -> 4
Combust 3 ->5
Ignite 2->4
Infernal Shackles 3->5
Luin of Celtchar 2->4
Malice 2->4
Unfathomable Rage 2 ->4
Burned at the Stake 4 ->6
Hephaestus Forge 4 ->6
Ring of Fire 5 ->7
Volcanic Eruption 4-> 6
Blaze 3->4
Blood Pact 3->4
Controlled Burn 5->6
Desperation 2->3
Firebards Breath 2->3
Flare Out 2->3
Molten Rock Flow 3->4
Propulsion 2->3
Smoking Remnants 2->3
Stick Matches 3->4
Temptress 2->3
Red Twins 2->3
Magma Chamber 0->2
Soul Reaper 6->7

Light Earth
Great Plains 0->2
Pine Valley 0 ->3
Gates of Paradise 2->3
Face the Consequences 2->3
Honor Thy Dead 2->3
Landslip 2->3
Taking Cover 3->4
Photosynthesis 2->4
Hunted 2->4
Poisoned Wine 2->4
Divine Intervention 3->4
Phloem and Xylem 3->4
Act of the Brave 3->4
Divine Favor 3->4
Dominant Ideology 3->4
Earth Shift 2->4
Foresight 3->5
Forbidden Fruit 3->4
Demoralized Force 4->5
Tripwire 3->5
Seething Bull 3->5
Refresh 3->5
Tactical Advantage 3->5
Glass Shield 3->5
Rooted Defense 3->5
Wild Berries 3->5
Snares 4->6
Rules of Attraction 3->6
Quicksand 4->6
Earthquake 4->6
Duel 5->7
Bottomless Pit 5->6
Amazonian 4->5
Field Strategist 4->5
Golem 5->6
Scout 4->5

Board Tweaks
Tiles are now color-coded for the ownership of units on them:
-Green for units the player owns.
-Blue for allied units owned by the player’s teammates.
-Red for enemy team units.
-Purple for bosses and monsters.

These are the same colors used on the nameplates that appear overhead of the units. Optional color-blind mode(s) are planned to be implemented in the
future that may use alternate colors to these.

UI Tweaks
-New dialog for dice allocation and transfer tracking alongside the player interface.
-Delayed prompts for dice allocation and transfer to clarify the interactions needed.
-Die animations added to dice transfer.

Bug Fixes
Fixed: Players could not interact with certain tiles in the Cathedral of Bones.
Fixed: When a player moves a unit to a tile, that tile no longer disappears on other clients boards.

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