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May 9th 2017 Patch Notes

09 May 2017 17:18 #1 by FI-EldonK
FI-EldonK ► May 9th 2017 Patch Notes
Small updates this last month but more coming.

New Features

Movement Path Drawing
Players can now optionally specify a path for a unit when moving it:

After entering movement mode with a unit, middle-click or shift-left-click on a tile to auto-create a path to that tile and enter path-drawing mode. Then you may move the mouse over valid tiles (without any buttons pressed) to add them to the path. Its length will still be limited by the amount of movement the unit has left. When the desired path is drawn, left click on a tile to engage the movement, or right-click to cancel. To draw the entire path, begin drawing it on a tile adjacent to the unit.

The former movement style may still be used by left-clicking on a destination tile after entering movement mode.

Card Tweaks

GreenTop Ridge 2D->1D
Magma Chamber 2A->1A

UI Tweaks

Players can now open the Options menu (Escape) even when the battle window is up.
Assets Added/Modified

Bug Fixes

Fixed: Scorch effect on units no longer breaks the battle interface.
Fixed: Some back-end changes should reduce the frequency of game disconnections.

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