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Feedback Wrap up

23 Aug 2017 20:47 - 24 Aug 2017 02:48 #1 by FI-EldonK
FI-EldonK ► Feedback Wrap up
Good Day Students,

We would like the thanks everyone for the feedback everyone gave at GenCon 50 again. We have now met and gathered all of our feedback into one compiled list and boy what a list. Here are the images of our whiteboard below.

Sorry if my chicken scratch isn't legible, here is a written more organized version of the feedback.

  • Make Steps more obvious
  • Bigger Effects to show what to do
  • Update Text
  • More Cards in Deck
  • Camera Training
  • Prevent more unwanted Actions
  • GUI Tour
  • Flux Tutorial
  • Card Explanation
  • Free Stuff at end of tutorial
    Materia Cards
  • Materia Card Training - Homunculus Usage and creation and Flux Clarity
  • Materia Card notation (logo) thumbnail - Type Dark/Light Symbol in Card Expansion
  • Materia Abilities Clarity (Balance Issue?)
  • Need base Homunculus - Predeck
    Add more visual reinforcement for Card types
  • Card Type Symbols Prominent
    Deck Builder Remap
  • Wish Decks
    Character Facing Clarity
  • Facing GUI Cleaning
    Combat GUI
  • Add GUI For Attack/Defence Above +/-
  • Die Allocation during Combat GUI More Clear
  • Combat Log (text Slower) - New Feature
  • Combat GUI Clarity - Symbols for Attack Dice (“Sword”)
  • Attack/Defence above Counters
    Pack opening Cleanup (Sounds, Effects & Animations)
  • Pack Opening needs to show Data on materia card
  • Adjust pack opening algorithm - William Wallace Effect, Trip Wire
  • Hover - Tooltip Notification - Beginning of Matches - Option to turn off
  • # Interactive Bertold # Add Animations or panels
  • Boss Card & Wandering Monsters Clarity - Ability to see Boss/wm Abilities and actions
  • Discard Clarity
  • Clarity Number of Cards in Deck
  • Power Curve shift (Indentured Servant & Fire Imp - 3 Cost)
  • Animation Toggle
  • Character Running - Speed Tweaking
  • Fly-mode camera
  • Card stacking selection viewing
  • Clarity on Dice Rolling ( Explaining) Show Success & Fail dice state
  • # dice rolls vs. active dice
  • Ability Listing During Play Phase
  • Glyphs Redesign (Passable play - access) (Right-Click Select Attack Access)
  • Deck Builder Allocation Stats - types, casts, polarity
  • Ability clarity on board
  • Effects on card clarity
  • Red Twins Bug-fix cast scrap cost not remove looping problems
  • Redesign Chaining
  • Visual Effects Needed
  • Summoning sickness added to Basic Lands
  • Rebuild Starter Decks (4 Decks)
  • Show actual card casting animation ( Hand to Board)
  • Error message name Homunculus
  • Animation Cleanup
  • Soul Reaper interface made easier
  • Prebuilt Tournament Deck Inexpensive
  • Booster Box Store
  • Remove old Store Card Art
  • Polish * Attention to Details*
  • Quest System -
  • Lobby Updates
  • Include FOIL art
  • Rasputin Fix
  • TriColored Allocation Die
  • Effects on Player GUI - add Animations
  • Elemental Graphic Update
  • Elemental Die Fix Explain/Clarify Tutorial
  • Camera GUI Fix
  • Revamp Boss AI - Own deck of cards of actions - Reactionary
  • Wandering Monsters consumed by Spawn of Penris
  • Store Items reduce size 25% - 50% - Two Column User Friendly Scrollbar
  • Bog Slave Need Update
  • Backer Assets - Redeemer Code Dice/Homunculus… Update
  • Animation Cleanup
  • Death - Card changes color with minion model
  • Companion App!!!!

  • Look forward to seeing these get implemented in future updates as we move forward. Some will come sooner then later and others will have to wait until the system that they attached to gets updated but everything is getting done! If you have more feedback, feel free to comment on this thread with anything that's popped into your head. Thank you again from everyone on Visions of Zosimos.
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