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Gold or Fools

10 Sep 2017 18:15 #1 by ARLewis
ARLewis ► Gold or Fools
Gold or Fools

Those who have studied Alchemy to any extent have at least heard of a man named Franz Seraph Tausend. Was he actually an alchemist or was he a con man? Had he actually succeeded in transmuting baser materials into precious metals? No one can truly say.

Tausend was born to a tinsmith in Swabia, Bavaria in 1884. Franz was more than able to learn his father’s craft, but he eventually entered a non-commissioned officers school. He left it early as a mere private to work as a lab assistant in a chemical factory. Upon the beginning of World War I, however, he entered the war as a private in northeastern France. During his service, he began to develop his own theories on the structure of matter. Once out of the service, he published a pamphlet called ‘180 Elements, Their Atomic Weight, and Their Incorporation in the System of Harmonic Periods’ in which he hypothesizes that each element possesses a characteristic frequency of vibration which is related to the weight of the nucleus and the layers of electrons surrounding it. Some have compared his theories to the modern ideas of Nuclear Magnetic resonance.

Upon continued experiments, there was an explosion at his main laboratory that involved a compound of lead. Afterwards, traces of gold were scraped off the walls. This led to not only private investors but also eventually investments from the German government, courtesy of a General von Ludendorff, who had once been acquitted of being a co-conspirator with Adolf Hitler. General Ludendorff became a ‘Trustee of the German People’ to which he was to oversee the production of gold via Tausend’s processes. In 1925, in both private and public agreements, Tausend and Ludendorff created Company 164, with 164 being a code for gold, and Ludendorff securing all rights to Tausend’s discoveries. Tausend and investors were to get a small portion of the proceeds while the General’s share was to go to ‘special collaborators’ who truly didn’t invest ‘anything’ and were to spend it on patriotic goals...namely the Nazi party.

It was reported that Company 164 had eventually produced 120 kilograms of gold, however, most of the monies that supposedly resulted from that production had been embezzled away by the General. Whether Tausend had knowledge of the General’s acts or not was never proven. In the meantime, another experiment notably exploded which produced an ounce of gold off the walls of the furnace in which it took place. The General had soon liquidated his involvement and given all rights, and unfortunately debts, of Company 164 back to Tausend, after which the company was dissolved.

Former subscribers to Company 164 helped Tausend establish another laboratory in Frieburg, Germany. Through the supposed success of other experiments, Tausend was able to secure more funding from German steel manufacturers that were assured that large scale production would inevitably be possible. Upon which, he began selling gold certificates to finance the production. Within a year after the initial large scale experiments, no more gold was forthcoming and Tausend was arrested under fraud charges. Not for the lack of gold production, but instead because of mismanagement of funds. He was offered one chance to prove himself during the trial at the Munich Mint with the understanding that he would be released if it was successful. The experiment supposedly succeeded. However, the experts disagreed so violently that the results were useless in court. Tausend was thusly convicted to 3 years. Upon release, he disappeared from public view.

Was Tausend actually successful in transmutation? Or was he the actual mastermind behind a great alchemical conspiracy? Or was his experimental process used by others to bilk cash from the German government? The evidence found, as unfortunately the testimony at his trial, is completely inconclusive. We have gold on the walls but even more gold in the pockets of other people. We have Tausend and more so his companions who seem to have all of the coin that was invested in his theories but little of the transmuted gold that was promised. Could someone actually produce gold on any kind of massive scale? The majority of his formula does exist, but of course, there is always the secret ingredient. Too bad Tausend never told anyone what that was.


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