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The Green Cycle of Life

22 Oct 2017 05:08 #1 by ARLewis
ARLewis ► The Green Cycle of Life
The Green Cycle of Life

Life, in general, is a very debatable issue. We can talk about how life started, where we all come from, and where life can and or does exist. If one is religious, one has a certain set of beliefs on the topic. If one is not religious, pure science is the only place where one can find any such answers. Either way, we, as humans, need certain things to live and grow. Air, Water and food are the basics that every body needs. Even in alchemy, one needs certain materials and combinations in order to produce certain other elemental structures.

What about other forms of life? Humans and animals share similar traits when it comes to the basic mechanics of biological life. This covers the fauna portion of the types of life. But what about the flora? We can’t exactly go to a tree and ask it what it needs to survive. But, as science would have it, we do actually know.

The process by which a green plant makes the “food” it needs in which to survive is called Photosynthesis. It comes from the Greek “phos”, which means ‘light’, and “synthesis” which means ‘putting together’. So, the start of the process is in essence the Sun, the largest source of “fire” power in existence. It will be the catalyst that starts the chemical reactions. The light energy is absorbed in green plants by the chlorophyll in the leaves. Chlorophyll is a kind of pigment in the membrane, or skin, of the leaves. Incidentally, the chlorophyll is what makes the leaves green.

At the same time, the roots of the plant take in water from the surrounding earth. All life comes/needs water to live. Plants are no different. It is used as a part of a similar chemical reaction that humans need water for.

The plant now has the food, or catalyst, aka light energy, and now the Water. That leaves Air. In the case of plants, it is carbon dioxide. Plants do not have lungs like humans, so they take in the carbon dioxide, which we breathe out after we take in oxygen, through the stomata of the leaves, with a stoma being a pore in the skin/membrane of the leaf.

Inside the organelles that hold the chlorophyll, which are called chloroplasts, the light energy from the sun is used to cause a chemical reaction with the mixture of water and carbon dioxide to create carbohydrates, or sugars, that are then stored in other parts of the plant as the proper energy and building blocks that the plant will use to grow. During this process, oxygen is produced as a waste product.

Some could argue that photosynthesis is very similar to the process that we as humans use to change food, oxygen, and water into the energy we need to live and grow. We do seem to be tied together at the very least. Plants give off the oxygen that we need to breathe and we breath out carbon dioxide that the plants need to live. Did this come about from divine intervention or was it a complex series of accidental events that created this symbiotic style of life?

In any case, it seems that the beings of Light Earth have found a way to apply this very process of photosynthesis to alchemically enhance other life forms, increasing their regenerative capabilities. Who knows, maybe this could be expanded on a much larger scale. However, I don’t think I’d want to turn that shade of green.


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