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Rest, Recuperation, and Reflection...Maybe

05 Nov 2017 18:57 #1 by ARLewis
ARLewis ► Rest, Recuperation, and Reflection...Maybe
Rest, Recuperation, and Reflection...Maybe

In preparation for this week’s report, I dove into research...of which I do quite often. I started to pull up histories and texts of the Visions. I’ve gone back over notes that I’ve read hundreds of times. I’ve compared texts from hundreds of years ago, as I do on a regular basis and everything felt right. Reminding myself of what has gone past so that I can go ahead with the future, which doesn’t stay in the future for long. For as we examine it, does not the future become the present?

What I could not bring myself to do was log in to the Visions program. That’s right. You may recall I have my own desk in the Documents Lab at the university. I tend to think of the whole lab as my office. Not many people come in here anyway. It has the traditional file cabinets and work tables, some of which are setup to handle fragile and ancient documents, under controlled environments of course.

But something has felt wrong to me the past month or so whenever I’ve logged in. Darks seem darker, Lights seem dim, and a feeling of unease comes out at me from everywhere. Even when I am in my shrine, I always feel as if I am being watched from somewhere in the darkness at the edge of my vision. Paranoid? I know. Stil...

Getting back to my research, I noticed that there was nothing new in my inbox. I haven’t had any actual documents to go over or research all day. I checked under my desk, nothing has fallen. I refreshed my email cache, for the fourth time by the way. I went around to the different departments and asked if any new documents came in. When I got back to my desk, there was a new email from Professor Slate.

To: A.R.Lewis
From: B.Slate
Subject: GO HOME

I know that your role in this project is important to you. It’s important to all of us actually. Which is why you need to get some rest. You need to be clear and focused when compiling information about the Afterlife. You know it is dangerous to do otherwise. We need you whole, in body, mind, and soul. You were told to take some time off, so GO HOME.

Since I have the suspicion that you won’t go, I’ve spoken with the others on the team and nobody will be asking for any information for at least another week. Therefore, you are limited to what work you have already done. If you insist on making your weekly student information post, remind them of what’s already out there. That will be enough for now.



Sometimes the Professor can be a real pain in the-- Well, he’s right. I went home...but I took my work laptop with me.

This is what I came up with:

Greetings - by way of an introduction.
Fire - is the element of destruction and change.
Hephaestus - don’t make the guy who makes the weapons angry.
Earth - is dirt, rock, and metal. More importantly, “Earth Is.”
The Visions - have existed for longer than we can truly document, bringing together the studies of alchemy and philosophy farther than anything ever could. Professor, finish your title.
The Grigori - angels sent from heaven who followed their own way.
Achilles - discovered that blind rage can defeat one from within and to take a deep breath every now and then.
Fallen Signs - “knowledge can be dry unless occasionally salted with wit.”
Paracelsus - getting sick sucks, take your medicine, just watch the dosage.
Shadows - are not safe. For the love of all that’s holy, don’t forget your anchor.
Reptiles Ferocity - be careful when taking in dragon fire.
A blank page - is a void to be embraced.
Ares - beware of stubborn passion and bull-headed violence.
Wisdom - just as knowledge, must be shared so for the benefit of all...and no, I am not wise, I just pass on the information.
Tausend - don’t let gold make you a fool.
The MaHaRaL - words can bring life, use them wisely.
Sand and Clay - be careful in the desert, there’s more than sand to unearth...also, I hate sand.
Air - we believe that it is there but it can still knock us down.
Water - it’s a powerful chemical. Gives life and death just as easily.
Honor the Dead - remember the life and forget the death.
Photosynthesis - life from light, thy color is green.
Bottomless Pit - with no true definition, can it really be defined? Would you even want to?

After that last one, I looked around and realized that there is a lot of work still to do. The work will always be there though as there will forever be knowledge to share, to impart to others so that it continues to live on and not be lost. Will there be others after me to continue the work? Yes. Were there people before me to to share such knowledge? Yes, of course. (although, not necessarily in the same ways or for the AfterLife).

Perhaps as a way of achieving the rest and relaxation the Professor was suggesting I’ll go and explore part of the Afterlife. Just talk a leisurely walk and leave my notebooks at home. Who knows, maybe I’ll come back after seeing something spectacular and be able to impart some new knowledge. Sounds like a job I can do...maybe.

That settles it. Tomorrow, I’ll load in my shrine and travel...before more research of course.


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