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Student Knowledge: A Continuation of Study

10 Dec 2017 17:51 #1 by ARLewis
ARLewis ► Student Knowledge: A Continuation of Study
Student Knowledge: A Continuation of Study

Greetings, any and all who seek knowledge and learning.

My name is Andrew R. Lewis. You may still call me Andy. My primary task for the Visions project has been to impart the knowledge that has been gleaned from our studies of the Visions and the significance of that knowledge.

We’ve covered everything each of the four elements, Fire, Earth, Air, and Water. The beauty they hold, ever present in Nature, and the danger that can come from each. We’ve studied their influence in our everyday lives, and even all the way back deep into our own human history. We’ve studied how they all impact the study and uses of alchemy, from gold to sand, from scorching to coals, and from the shadows to faith. The Elements are all around us. There isn’t one single part of our lives that the elements do not least in part.

One thing that the visions have taught us, very specifically, is that there is only more to explore...greater expansions of knowledge and understanding that we have yet to even dream of. The opening of the doors to the Afterlife by the Visions has only been one of expansions of knowledge, and we’ve only scratched the surface of the Afterlife.

I hope the knowledge we’ve shared so far as been both informative and entertaining, thought provoking and illuminating, and of course useful and helpful to thy own explorations. Again, it is my duty to impart knowledge of the Visions and the Afterlife, however, if there are some particular tidbits of knowledge that are needed, feel free to ask either myself or any of my colleagues through these forums. They and myself are here to help.

I myself will continue on with Student Knowledge posts to the best of my ability. If I’m missing a topic, elemental or otherwise, do please let me know. I’m not Professor Slate after all.


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