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Student Knowledge: An Introduction.

12 Jun 2017 01:41 #1 by ARLewis
ARLewis ► Student Knowledge: An Introduction. any and all who seek knowledge and learning.

My name is A.R.Lewis and I am Professor Slate’s research assistant. Feel free to call me Andy. I have been tasked with imparting upon the rest of the students of the Visions with some of the intelligence gleaned from our studies of the Visions and the significance thereof.

I apologize for how dry some of this information might seem. (certainly not as dry as some of the tomes the information comes from). But all knowledge possible can and will give greater understanding into how the worlds work. I will endeavor to give living breathe to every minute piece of learning that the Professor, myself, and any other students come across. (and by living breathe, I do mean electrons on your screen).

If any of you other students have any questions, comments, concerns or insane rantings, or other bits of knowledge that could be of use to your fellow students, please feel free to contact me.

For now, do please enjoy thy studies of the Visions and thy travels into the Afterlife.


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