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Fire: Metaphorically and Metaphysically Speaking.

12 Jun 2017 01:44 #1 by ARLewis
ARLewis ► Fire: Metaphorically and Metaphysically Speaking.

Some can say it is the greatest of the elements as it has the power to destroy, consume and determine the course of life around it, both peaceably and violently. With the proper fuel and environmental controls, it can level the land and darken the skies. But, we cannot forget about its abilities to change and transform.

Fire requires both fuel to consume and an igniter with which to take form. This can be a literal piece of wood and a spark from striking a piece of steel. Fire can also be a figurative thought or idea and its external expression put into existence. Whether literal or figurative, fire is mainly an element of change. It can be as basic as fire plus almost anything equals ash or even fire plus life equals death.

Alchemically speaking, fire is the medium in which base metals are transmuted or transformed into the grander metals, ie. lead into gold. But that is an advanced concept only for the truly learned. Fire can transmute and thusly create change due to its ability to destroy. The addition of fire is necessary for even a forest to grow even bigger and stronger at times, killing the dead trees, foliage and underbrush so new growth can spread. While terrible and deadly, Fire can promote growth in the space of emptiness.

Whether for now Fire can be seen as a good or bad thing, ponder this: whether or the Light or of the Dark, Fire is the ultimate tool for both life and death, to create or to destroy.

To be discussed more in the future.

“Fire isn't always an element of destruction. Classical alchemical doctrine teaches that it also has dominion over another province: change.”
― Jim Butcher, Cold Days

“Take a piece of wood.
Breathe in the Fuel, and strike it.
Growth and Destruction abound.”
– Dale A. Gaus, a haiku.


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