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Zosimos - the Visions

03 Jul 2017 00:10 #1 by ARLewis
ARLewis ► Zosimos - the Visions
Zosimos - the Visions

Close your eyes. Can you see anything? Generally not. But what if you did? What if the images you’d experienced changed your consciousness? Would you share that knowledge if you could even understand it? In the 16th century, a man who is known only as Zosimos the Moravian did that very thing.

Zosimos of Moravia was born approximately 1538. We have to say approximately because most of the documentation surrounding Zosimos was seized by the inquisition in 1572. He had been working with the infamous Nostradamus as a scribe when he had begun to have the Visions which expounded on his understanding of hermetic alchemy and spirituality. The more he began to study what he was seeing, the more he realized that he need to document each new insight. That documentation was a double edged sword. He discovered that he was not the only one that had the Visions...the original Zosimos dated back all the way to the 4th century, a man known as Zosimos of Panopolis. His discoveries led him to find some of the only preserved writings from the that Greek prophet in Florence, Italy. Unfortunately, his writings and the original writings were seen as heretical and thus Zosimos the Moravian to flee for his life to England lest the Visions lead him to an early grave.

Zosimos was able to continue his studies with the famous astronomer Dr. John Dee, who was an advisor to Queen Elizabeth I and thusly had some freedoms that he was able to impart upon Zosimos. Together, they were able to further the study of alchemy and Hermetic philosophy that the Visions provided. They began to expound on the combinations of science and magic, alchemy and philosophy, astronomy and the divine. After his death, Zosimos’ writings were brought to the University of Edinburgh where they were eventually discovered again centuries later.

A short and incomplete biography, yes. For that I apologize. I have more specifics that I will try to bring out at a later date, but for now I can impart to you that Zosimos is not dead. The Visions are given to more than just one man and it would be correct to say that each era of humanity, at least since the 4th century, has one. We don’t have records for all of them, but I am blessed to be studying under the “current” Zosimos, who has refused to add a location portion to his title.

Professor Slate, you need to get on that at some point.


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