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Those Who Watched

10 Jul 2017 17:35 #1 by ARLewis
ARLewis ► Those Who Watched
Those who Watched.

Angels that were sent from heaven to watch over humanity but were not supposed to interfere. What happens when that line is crossed? What happens when one loses one’s way and gets cut off from heaven? The answer is...the Grigori.

The Grigori were sent from Heaven so that humanity could be watched over and protected with a more physical rather than metaphysical presence. They were supposed to observe and guide but never to interfere with the affairs of mortals. The Grigori were some of the few angels who could more easily incorporate themselves amongst the bulk of humanity due to their almost human like nature. They were able to accept the “less than divine” nature of mortals and blend in with them whereas a “typical” angel would be almost twitching their wings off at the slightest moral impropriety. It is as if they were the most “human” of the angels.

Whoever sent them, however, made a possible mistake. The Grigori were never tasked with going back to heaven to report their findings…aka allow them to get a breather and thusly retire with their divine roots. However, the Grigori rarely, if ever, left the mortals and thusly began to forget most of their divine sides. They became so entranced with humanity, in some cases especially with the more beauteous of the female of the species, that they began to mate and have children with mortals, creating the Nephilim

As time went on and the purpose of “watching” was cast aside, the Grigori began to guide humanity more directly by teaching them knowledge outside the “natural order” as decreed from above. They taught them how to make weapons and how to use them, how to write with pen and ink, and of the phases of the moon. They introduced them to the sciences, to alchemy, and even in some cases to magic. All of this being knowledge that man was not supposed to have as of yet and thusly advancing them too fast.

The Grigori were eventually cast out of heaven entirely for this...all connection to the divine severed. Through various means of divine retribution, a flood being but one of these, the Grigori were all but wiped out. Some did survive to still protect man in their own way. However, the more they evolved without their divinity, the more human they became. They separated from each other creating a clan-like system with their various offspring. These clans did eventually fight amongst each other to where there is only one Grigori left. But that is information for another time.


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