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The Shadows are not safe...Use an Anchor.

07 Aug 2017 02:08 #1 by ARLewis
ARLewis ► The Shadows are not safe...Use an Anchor.
The Shadows are not safe...Use an Anchor.

Forgive me. Please be patient with me a moment while I get us some light. (where did I put that candle?).


The flame from this candle, which at this moment happens to be on my desk in my alternate workspace at the university, shows us each other and bit of the world around us with the power out no less, hence the candle. Today’s musings come from a discussion I had with a fellow student about the Afterlife and travel there in. From what either of us could figure, very few have projected themselves physically into the Afterlife, very few indeed.

Why is that you might ask. If it can be done, why don’t more people do it? To answer that is fairly simple...would you walk off the deck of fast moving boat while you were out in the middle of the ocean to get a drink of water? Would you place your hand on the top of the lit stove to feel the fire? Would you walk out to the middle of a set of railroad tracks and stand there? Just because one could do a thing does not mean one would, or even should in the case of the previous examples.

Students create avatars with which they are to project themselves into the Afterlife and explore it. New areas of the verse are discovered by those who are prepared to embrace the danger and hazards that come from walking out into the darkness without a light. The danger with such exploration is one can be lost in the shadows. Without a tether, something that can anchor one’s self to the known universe, a being could float away or even be torn away and become enveloped into nothingness. (and that’s even the more pleasant sounding version of the possibilities).

Those tethers are given form in the way of shrines. A metaphysical representation of a point in space-time that acts as a dimensional anchor for a student’s avatar. That space becomes a fixed point from which one can safely explore the unknown...something to fall back to in case things become too hectic or dangerous, or if the shadows themselves even begin to draw you in. From these shrines, students can send out their homunculus to do battle with minions or other dangers and themselves still exist in relative safety.

The best real world example is the anchor of a ship. What is the true purpose of an anchor? Primarily it is a fixed point in the water to which a ship will not move from, holding it fast so that those on it are not lost to the currents or the ship sent off course when no one is specifically piloting the craft. An anchor is primarily a piece of safety equipment that keeps one from floating off into the unknown. A shrine acts as a similar device keeping one’s avatar from floating away into the shadows, into a nothingness in which one can lose their way and become lost forever.

Shrines are made from various materials and in various styles as is apparent especially when one does battle in the various lands of the Afterlife. They tend to show a physical portion of the personality of the student behind the character/avatar. We all have different tastes in clothes, in foods that we like, etc. All of our avatars are as different as we are physically in this world. It would be logical then that how we anchor ourselves in the Afterlife is also different between each being. Similarities may exist but the differences are still prevalent.

So, when next you travel into the Afterlife, don’t forget to “drop your anchor” so to speak and create your shine. For the shadows are not safe to traverse without a tether.

Here’s a candle to help you find your way out.



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