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A Blank Page is a Void.

21 Aug 2017 03:53 #1 by ARLewis
ARLewis ► A Blank Page is a Void.
A Blank Page is a Void.

A blank page… often times like a blank canvas, something that is merely waiting for some oily substance to be thrust upon it and spread around with horse hair. often times like a block of marble with something hidden inside, waiting to be set free. often times like a piano with someone sitting at it and staring at the keys wondering what should be touched first. often times like a lump of folded glass waiting for a blower to breathe life into it.

For me, it is the most scary and terrifying thing in the world. I am not an author...well, that’s not entirely true. I am an academic after all, and I’ve written zillions of papers and essays. I’ve even written a poem or two. But even for an academic, a blank page is a nothing...a nothingness that is the absence of everything.

I look at a blank page and it’s as if I’m being dragged straight into a brick wall…

I stare at a blank page and I want to look away, at anything else that is something. I frantically look around wherever I am for something that is something: a book- I open it and read a page, a box of crackers- I read the ingredients. I’ll grab a deck of cards and shuffle them. I’ve even found some dice and played a game of Yahtzee.

It’s not until I gave up being afraid of the blank page and walk away, not in fear, but in disgust that I am being defeated by bricks that are not even there that the solution comes to me. Don’t think about how to avoid it. Embrace it. Make that which is nothing your own and let your mind forget, which is sometimes the hardest thing for a being with any intellect at all to do.

Forget that which you are scared of. Forget that which you fear. Forget the blankness and let it envelop your mind. For the easiest way to make your mind go blank is to let it do so. Forget that you are even trying to think and even better so, that you are trying NOT to think.

The second you open a book, you have evidence that someone has been able to do this.

Look at the next blank page you see and embrace that void...and make it your own.


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