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A new ideas on the download system.

27 Apr 2017 00:49 #1 by Sharkboy
Sharkboy ► A new ideas on the download system.
Alright first of all, you don't have to do this. I'm just suggesting it.
So the game client download is 871 MB. That's a lot to download through a browser and the slightest amount of a network problem could occur and the download would have an error and stop.

What I'm suggesting, is that you make the client a downloadable torrent. I know I know that's not the best Idea since not everyone knows how to torrent. I do not endorse the illegal actions of what torrenting can bring because torrents themselves aren't illegal. It's what you download with them that are. The whole point of torrenting is that you can pause a download or if you have a network issue, you can start off where you left off. If anyone knows anything about torrents, it's that you need seeders. I'm willing to seed and make the upload speed faster. Again I don't endorse piracy. I'm just suggesting that you have a torrent download and an in browser download for ease of access. If you need any help making a torrent, or need suggested bittorrent clients, I can recommend a few or guide you in the right direction.

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27 Apr 2017 02:13 #2 by FI-EldonK
FI-EldonK Re: A new ideas on the download system.
That's not a bad idea and we might look into it. Though admittedly we do not have to much control over the client or the installer other then what goes into it other then the assets and code we make.

Eventually we will have a patcher similar to what you see with MMOs or with League of Legends that involves a lot art assets that loads everything for you before you even start the game. That patcher I believe SHOULD launch with when we launch on Steam this June.

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