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Unleashing the Void- One minion at a time (Bile Spewer Art Process)

02 Feb 2017 03:38 #1 by FI-SageK
FI-SageK ► Unleashing the Void- One minion at a time (Bile Spewer Art Process)
Hello players and forum goers alike
I bring you today the art process for one of our most recent Minion concepts, the Bile Spewer, a member of the Void Faction, created by yours truly!
Bile spewing, puss bubbling, flesh rotting, I have had a whole lot of fun working on this monstrosity. Our void theme involves death and decay, a lot of ghoulish afterlife apparitions, anything that looks like it has been corrupted or taken over by an evil spirit. With our visuals in mind I went forward with what my first impressions of this character. I thought it'd be natural that the creature that spewed bile would be incredibly bloated, almost like it is infected from the inside out and the infection and corruption is expanding constantly.
I have a recurring theme when I design monsters, and that is disproportionality. Not only does it make it seem less human but it makes it seem far more disturbing when there are humanoid visuals but something is distinctly off. Also with the idea that it is infected, keeping the visuals of a human at one point now infected with pure evil seemed like the way to go. Eventually after feedback from my peers, and working with the details, I combined the winning elements from all the designs.
But it needed to be more EEEVIIIL. It wasn't gross enough or dead enough, I wanted to push it and make it as gross as possible.
It took a lot of experimenting with different techniques because I am still figuring out my painting process, especially when it comes to something like this, a lot different than anything I have done in the past. With the concept done for this oozing minion, I have moved onto the card art.
A chance to show it in action, I wanted the thumbs to show both what it does, and accurately show all its detail.
After laying down the final sketch of Bile spewer and establishing the ground work I move onto the base colors, attempting a new approach, inspired by the artist Dave Rapoza, laying down colors throughout after setting up basic black and white values, and maintaining all the colors throughout, making it cohesive, example being any color that shows up on the skin will be seen in the rocks and even the bile spewing from its mouth. With this process still new to me I am trying a variety of things, and will go forward with more detail once I find a good approach that gives this painting accurate life, as well as good visuals.
Stay tuned, way more to come soon! B) B)

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